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Integrated Report 2023

The Sumitomo Rubber Group is pulling together to fulfill its various social responsibilities while contributing to the creation of a sustainable society by applying its future-oriented high-tech skills and research and development capabilities, efforts that will ensure it continues to be truly valuable for people, communities and society.
The purpose of this report is to generate new opportunities for dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders by communicating the initiatives we are undertaking to accomplish sustainable growth for the Sumitomo Rubber Group.

Group Report 2023

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Selected Pages

Creating Value throughout the Sumitomo Rubber Group

Business Operations P.3-4(PDF 996KB)

“Our Philosophy”—a Corporate Philosophy Structure Guiding Sumitomo Rubber Group Operations P.5-6(PDF 78.4KB)

Activities to Disseminate the Purpose and “Our Philosophy” P.7-8(PDF 210KB)

The Growth Track P.9-10(PDF 418KB)

Value Creation Model P.11-12(PDF 147KB)

Key Management Resources P.13-14(PDF 268KB)

Priority Issues (Materiality) P.15-16(PDF 69.6KB)

A Roadmap for ESG Management P.17-18(PDF 1,464KB)

Risks, Opportunities and the Value Chain P.19-22(PDF 247KB)


Review of Past Operating Results P.29-30(PDF 211KB)

Outline of the New Midterm Plan (2023 –2027) P.31(PDF 171KB)

2022 Consolidated Performance Overview P.32(PDF 171KB)

Value Creation Approach Practiced by the Sumitomo Rubber Group

A Message from the Executive Director in Charge of Finance P.33-34(PDF 141KB)

Tire Business P.35-40(PDF 599KB)

Sports Business P.41-44(PDF 465KB)

Industrial Products Business P.45-48(PDF 286KB)

Roundtable Talk among Officers in Charge of Technological Development P.49-52(PDF 233KB)

ESG Management Undertaken by the Sumitomo Rubber Group

A Message from the Director in Charge of ESG P.53-54(PDF 101KB)

Long-Term Sustainability Policy: “Driving Our Future Challenge 2050” P.55(PDF 119KB)

Overview of “TOWANOWA,” a Business Model Designed to Support a Circular Economy through the Tire Business P.56(PDF 119KB)

Value Created and Delivered by TOWANOWA P.57-58(PDF 639KB)

Initiatives to Protect the Environment P.59-66(PDF 569KB)

A Message from the Executive Officer in Charge of Human Resources P.67-68(PDF 69.1KB)

Initiatives Related to Human Capital P.69-72(PDF 152KB)

Roundtable Talk on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) P.73-76(PDF 188KB)

Corporate Governance P.77-89(PDF 712KB)

Initiatives for Society P.90(PDF 159KB)

Fiscal 2022 Targets and Results P.91-92(PDF 3,358KB)

Honors and Certifications from Outside Organizations P.93-94(PDF 353KB)

Corporate Data

Financial and Non-Financial Data P.95-98(PDF 120KB)

Independent Verification Report P.99(PDF 637KB)

Third-Party Remarks P.100(PDF 637KB)

Global Network P.101(PDF 674KB)

Investor Information P.102(PDF 674KB)

Archive (Previous Integrated Report / Group Reports / CSR Reports)

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