Our Philosophy


Sumitomo Rubber Industries Purpose Movie

“Our Philosophy” -
it’s our new corporate philosophy framework”
based on the sense of “Purpose”.

Our Philosophy Structure
Link: Sumitomo Business Philosophy

Our Reason for Being

It’s a simple expression of
Sumitomo Rubber Industries’ “reason for being” in society.

Through innovation we will create
a future of joy and well-being for all.

Our Beliefs

It’s an expression of Sumitomo Rubber Industries’ beliefs
behind “Purpose”.

A unique belief in the material possibilities of rubber.
A track record of multiple world firsts
through industry-leading rubber technology,
and beyond that, relentless dedication
to the innovation and development of new technologies.
A singular focus on creating value that exceeds expectations
in response to the trust our customers and society place in us.

Supporting individuals, society, and the future;
through innovation creating a future of joy
and well-being for all.
We are Sumitomo Rubber Industries,
and this is what we are for.

The State to Which We Aspire

It’s the state we aspire to
in order to bring our Purpose to life.

Uniting our diverse strengths,
growing together,
driving and thriving on change.

The Values We Hold

It’s the set of values that each and every one of us
at Sumitomo Rubber Industries holds in order to
realize our Vision and embody our Purpose.

Being reliable and worthy of trust

Facing forward with honesty and integrity,
responding to the trust our customers,
our colleagues and our society place in us.

Seeking out challenge

Being unafraid; having the courage
to persist in the face of failure.

Valuing one another

Understanding and respecting
each other’s individuality and perspective.


It’s a simple expression of all the aspects of Our Philosophy.

Rubber and Beyond,
Driving Our Future