Natural Capital

  • The Sumitomo Rubber Group

Natural Capital (Initiatives to Realize a Low-Carbon, Recycling-Oriented Society)

Total energy consumption volume in crude oil equivalent: (global environmental data of domestic and overseas factories) 525,000 klL
Total consumption volume of energy procured from renewable energy sources: 321,541MWH

In line with “Our Philosophy,” a corporate philosophy structure, the Sumitomo Rubber Group’s basic management policy is to enhance not only its economic value but also its societal value and to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. To put this policy into practice, we promote environmental management informed by our “GENKI” Sustainability Activity Guidelines.

We are acutely aware that natural rubber and other natural resources constitute key management resources for sustainable growth. Based on this awareness, the Group is working to conserve the environment and to use finite energy resources effectively while contributing to the realization of a low-carbon, circular economy.

Each production base has undertaken the preparation of carbon neutrality scenarios that target their Scope 1 and 2 emissions and include the installation of energy-saving facilities, the expansion of cogeneration systems, the introduction of solar power generators, a shift to green energy procured from renewable energy sources and the adoption of hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

Environmental Indicators

For details, please refer to “Financial and Non-Financial Data: Consolidated Non-Financial Data” featured on page 96 of the Integrated Report.

Financial and Non-Financial Data: Consolidated Non-Financial Data (Integrated Report)