Dialogue with Employees

Mechanisms Designed to Reflect Feedback Gleaned from Dialogue with Employees in Business Management

  • The Sumitomo Rubber Group

Since the first round of an Organizational Health Survey in November 2019, Sumitomo Rubber Industries has endeavored to improve its organizational culture via the implementation of the Be the Change (BTC) Project, striving to address how employees feel about the Company while implementing similar and other surveys on an ongoing basis.

Dialogue between Employees and Top Management

  • The Sumitomo Rubber Group

The Company holds talks attended by officers so that top management members can share their thoughts and visions with employees. Looking ahead, we will hold these events while constantly improving opportunities for meaningful mutual dialogue and pursuing the goal of sharing visions with employees and encouraging them to set their sights higher.

Open Discussions on the Midterm Plan—Direct Communications with President

Guided by his own aspirations, the President visited our domestic business bases over the period spanning March to April 2023 to engage in dialogue with employees regarding the Midterm Plan, which was externally disclosed in February. As a result, a total of 13 dialogue sessions were held with the attendance of 2,300 employees. Through these sessions, President directly communicated his thoughts on the Midterm Plan while sincerely addressing a number of questions from employees as part of efforts to nurture a sense of unity among the workforce. In addition, 57% of attendees responded to questionnaires distributed after dialogue. We consider this figure a measure of the degree of employee interest in the dialogue. Going forward, we will develop measures to raise this percentage in the course of hosting subsequent rounds of dialogue sessions.

While our plans call for hosting similar events in the future, we intend to hold sessions in which officers and heads of departments share their policies and otherwise engage with members of each workplace under their supervision.

We will continue to cherish bidirectional communications between top management members and employees in order to secure our ability to take on the challenge of navigating the Group amid a radically evolving, harsh business environment, with all Group members, working as one team.

President Yamamoto sharing his thoughts on the Midterm Plan at a talking session

A Panel Discussion Hosted by Directors

We held a panel discussion hosted by five internal directors, including the President, in order to address an issue revealed by recent employee surveys in connection with the incomplete communication of business strategies, which may possibly inhibit a full understanding of subjects among employees. These discussions were livestreamed to workplaces across the board.

The event was particularly focused on helping the discussions’ audience understand each director’s personality, ways of thinking and aspirations for the success of the Sumitomo Rubber Group. Thus, each panelist shared his drive to achieve transformation and ideals regarding what top management team should look like. We also utilized a tool designed to enable employees to post their comments in order to facilitate bidirectional communications between top management members and employees and help foster a sense of unity among them.